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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ahhh the SUNSHINE!

I can't tell you how elated I was to begin my day with sunshine streaming into my studio room. It made my workload easier, lighter, happier.

My day started with the cleaning of my floor. You know? It's not like my 1964 oak hardwood floor, with its scratches and lines from chairs running across it, is all that ugly. It's not. It's quite nice even with the scratches and lines. And I do care about the kind of space that I work in, but when I get rolling, like I have been the last week and a half, I just throw stuff when I'm done with it. Well, I don't really "throw" it, I just drop it. At my feet.

My work table is high. My chair is high. My feet cannot touch the floor unless I get off said chair. lol Why don't I have a rubbish bin? (I love how the English call them rubbish bins, so I'm copying for the sake of sounding cool) I used to have one. I just don't any more. Someone stole it. Probably a child wanting to use it as a bucket to use for pretend play. Possibly my husband who tends to steal a lot of my stuff, ie: my favorite pink tool set that I snagged from Target a couple years ago. Nice. I sure miss that tool set. And then there's the unknown somebody who tends to take a lot of things around this house. So, like I said, I have no trash can. I need one. You should see the one we have in our kitchen. It's garbage-can-sized only it's galvanized and silver in color and AWESOME. I love its lid. I digress.

So my floor was cleaned properly today. It's pretty again and all is right in my room. My work table itself is tidy too. It happened because I was looking for a missing charm that I didn't think wanted to be found but alas it came out from hiding and in the process my wooden table top was cleaned. :) It too is happy again.

Just don't ask me about my glass work-area. It is NOT clean and I hate to even admit how upset it looks at the moment. Ask any lampworker (who's a good lampworker, not these fly-by-night people who rarely make beads and have cleaner-than-clean work spaces... they cannot possibly be a true lampworker! if you're someone whose area is tidy and neat and you make hundreds of beads a week... then well, there's just something wrong with you! LOL) and they'll tell you that the creative process is sometimes at its best when the area is full of color, used-up short rods of glass, twisties that you made because you were waiting for your kiln to ramp up, stringers of every color and jars and jars and jars of unused rods in front of you for sheer inspiration! This is how my creative mind works its magic and feels at home. I love my work station. :) Altho I wish I had a pair of sexy glasses to wear, but they're very expensive and are on my LIST. (again, with the list!! -- banisters, new steps, camera, roof, gutters, deck, bed, vacation, carpeting... yeah, remember? the LIST?)

Well, I best get back to it. Today I finished another ten orders so you'll be getting them in the mail in the next couple of days. Florence P., Tina L., Jennifer P., Jessica A., Kellie W., Christy W., Tamela C., Wendy S., Carol T. and last but not least... Fran. E. :) More tomorrow!! I won't be putting much up until I can get the majority of these finished.

Talk to you later, have a great afternoon!

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