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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dream of ... relaxation Lampwork Bracelet

Gorgeous new style in The Shoppe.
Two new specials for the week.
I wanted to laugh this morning when I saw the news about the phone calls, saying "the warranty on your vehicle is about to expire" and how people are being inundated with these sorts of calls. I am one of those people. Each week I probably get ten to fifteen of them, that's right, ten to fifteen. It drives me bonkers. Sadly, it turns out that I can't even get off the list as it's just a recording making the phone call because I sure would like to get OFF of that list and stop receiving these calls. The only other alternative is to change my cell number and that's not going to happen, I've had that number for twelve years. :) And I like it. LOL
The weather is supposed to be nice today. I sure hope so! Yesterday was so pretty, that it made my work day just wonderful! You all have a great day too!

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