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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finishing touches!

Hello! How are you? I hope things are going great on this fine, fine day! I've been busy working on my blog and in between doing customer orders. I'm still working on finishing touches to the blog, but the two things, Facebook and Twitter, have been added! Yee haw! I love being connected, awesome stuff.

If you don't Facebook, you really need to check it out. If you think you have no friends or don't have anyone who's looking for you, I can assure you, you're wrong. Moon found a friend she hasn't seen since childhood and now they're getting together in Hilton Head (I'm quite jealous!), I don't think I have any friends who're wanting me to go on vacation with them. LOL Oh well. LOL A friend from my childhood found me this morning and I learned that he's a diver and goes on amazing sea exploration trips all over the world. Wow... who knew? I sure didn't. See? That's one of the amazing things about Facebook, you get to find out what everyone has been doing for the last, oh, twenty-five years (or more). Definitely worth some time. My Mom is even on there! And if she can do it, anyone can. Oh, My MIL is too. See?! Even the older gals can get on there. :) Even if you want to stay connected to those who aren't that far away, it's just the best. Ok, enough on the Facebook commercial. Wait! Click the linky to the right and become a fan of byLGD!

Become a follower too! Just below that you can become a follower of my blog and get updates when I make them. I hope it will encourage you to make your own profile and possibly your own blog. Who knows, you just might end up loving the blogging experience and put up fun recipes and things you did on your last holiday. :) Remember now folks, it's free and you SO cannot beat free! (another commercial? LOL I suppose.)

I'll have a few specials soon. Either tomorrow or Thursday, I can't say just yet since I still have orders to get out the door.

You all have a terrific day and check back soon.


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