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Friday, April 17, 2009

A great day! Soar Necklace.

We had a great day with Nathaniel on his eleventh birthday, still can't believe my long-haired, very in-style son is eleven. He's grown by leaps and bounds this last year and it only shows me what's ahead, ack!! :)

He asked for money this year, something he's never done before really so this was a new change. I didn't mind, I am not a big shopper, believe it or not, I rarely go to the mall. I find it to be very annoying, too many people, and if it requires me to spend a lot of money I do not have, then I definitely want to stay away from it. LOL! Jeff, on the other hand, is a "window" shopper and in our nearly fifteen years of marriage has never EVER understood how I can't find "window" shopping fun. Yuck. Not a fan. LOL Oh well, to each his own. Anyway, The Boy asked for money. So we gave him money and we bought him a set of golf clubs, something he's been wanting for a little while now. You try finding a set of nice junior-sized golf clubs for a left-handed person! It ain't easy, folks. LOL But, the hubby was savvy enough to find this great set at Dick's and he snagged them right up. :) Nathaniel LOVED them. I was so glad. Next, he'll need lessons. Tiger Woods, here we come (lol).

With his money from both Grandparents and some saved money from other holiday gifts (Valentine's, Easter etc), he plans to buy a netbook, a small version of a laptop. My friend Shelley has one and she loves hers so this is what he wants. In the end, I don't know what he'll choose, a desktop or a netbook, but either way it will be a computer of some sort. He's tired of sharing with the girls, who like to play on Barbie, Webkinz and Build-a-Bear (mainly). We used to have three computers for them but two of them have died and we just didn't see the need to buy more just now.

Last night we met up with some friends and went to Sonny's. Had a great time and although Natalie didn't enjoy her BBQ pulled chicken, she did enjoy being with the kids. :) Nathaniel got a little cake from the Sonny's crew and they even sung to him. :) Good times.

So, that's it. His day was a success! :)

My parents come this afternoon so I need to get going, we still need groceries. I'm debating about just going to the mexican place in town to keep me from cooking. I don't know, we'll see. I have a lot of work to do. Talk to you later and have a GREAT weekend! I'll probably be back with my news from the Bead Show. Boy, I can't wait!!
Laurie :)
PS: I posted a photo of the Soar Necklace too. :) Earring photos coming.

1 comment:

Juliette said...

It seems that you really had a great time. That necklace is looking absolutely beautiful and super cute. I love the design.