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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clearing out the week...

Phew. (how many posts do I start with "phew" ?!) I am happy that the week is coming to a close but that doesn't mean my work week is over, nope. I'll be working all day tomorrow evening and Saturday too. With Monday being a holiday that means I'll need to work Saturday. My folks are coming into town and we're thinking of going to see a movie. : )

Many of you are being very patient. Thank you, thank you. I'm still working on some duplicate work from my specials and custom work. I finished a few bracelets today and will probably get the remaining bunch done tonight and tomorrow. : ) I didn't forget anyone and have just been doing them one at a time, as usual. When the list begins to get to sixty and seventy, Laurie kinda freaks out and has to take it one-at-a-time or she gets VERY overwhelmed (ask my Mom, my friends and most of all, my husband!). So, bare with me. I'm here. : )

In my spare time, lol, this is what I've been doing. It's not completely finished yet but you'll get the basic idea. It still needs to have the galleries added in. I built it and did all the graphics, thank you Moon for letting me use your Studio area so I could take pictures. I can take fantastic photos of things that DO NOT MOVE. People? Not so much. LOL! I leave that to Moon and Emily, our budding photographer. : ) Anyway, here's the site... it's pretty isn't it? I love how it turned out.

This shop is owned by Sherry Wainscott. She is the person who got me into making jewelry all those years ago. : ) She saw me in church and asked me where I got my bracelet (I had made it myself) and asked if I could make them for her store.... the rest is history. She's been a friend ever since and when she wanted a website, she asked Jeff and me to design it for her.

Okay, that's it. I'll talk to you later! Ya'll behave and have a great night!

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