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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day - belated.

Hello! :) How was your Mother's Day? Mine was nice. We spent the day at my folks' house, this is my Mom's birthday and her Mother's Day (her birthday was yesterday). It's somewhat like Natalie's birthday being so close to Christmas, both of the big, big holidays smashed together, making it no fun waiting for them to come around again. :( My brother's family all came and then of course my crew was there, my Mom is a fantastic cook so we ate all the food she made (cupcakes too!). I've gained about ten pounds in the last month and I'm just sick, but let's not depress ourselves with that talk today. It is, after all, still Mother's Day!

It was tough going home because the last time we went, we were showing off Miss Bella, and now we had another little show off, a different one, in the form of Jack-Jack. :) He's sweet and everyone quickly realized how NOSEY he is, lol, cracked me up. He's NOT potty trained (whatsoever) and we're working on that. In fact, we all went to Build-a-Bear so the girls could spend the rest of their Easter money to get bear's, and while we were busy Jeff and Nathaniel had Jack-Jack in the grassy area. They were there for about thirty minutes or more and then... Jeff puts Jack-Jack into the car and he pees all over his computer bag. ::sigh:: Not fun. lol We'll be working on it for the next two, no ten months...or longer. boo. hiss.

We said our goodbyes and made the two and a half hour drive home. It's not a bad drive, it's so much better than when we lived in D.C. and had a ten hour drive. Yuck. This is a breeze!

Once home we all brought in the bags from our trip and then I began the never-ending chore: laundry. Got that going and then decided I wanted to check-out for a minute by watching some television. When I got upstairs I noticed the door was shut, it's not usually shut. Anyway, I open it to find Kitty and a lot of chewed up carpet. Oh dear. My poor little kitty was trapped in my bedroom! Thankfully he didn't have a bad time since I have a small bowl of food and a bowl of water in my bathroom (it was intended for Jack-Jack) so let's hope he didn't have any accidents. I didn't smell anything so I'm wondering if his immediate departure when I opened the door was the reason?

Sallie was glad to see us, Jack-Jack was sooo excited to see HER. :) I hope in time that they'll become fast friends. Oh, if you're wondering, Ashley's pup, Tiffany (same breed as Jack-Jack)... well, she did NOT like him... AT ALL. lol Tiffany knows my Mom as "Chickie Grandma" (because my Mom feeds her endless amounts of chicken when she comes to visit) and Tiffany didn't want to share her. So funny! Jack-Jack will eventually be "allowed" to fit in, I hope, but in our family he's King. He's a real cutie.

I hope you enjoyed your day. This week will be very busy for me, and all the Peace and Love bracelet Sets will go out too. :) I'm so glad to get everything shipped so I can focus on my Summer Sale.

Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to yuo soon...

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