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Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend joy.

I am looking forward to the weekend.

We're leaving tomorrow for Cincinnati. It was supposed to be a weekend where I show off my Bella to my family, but that won't happen. ::sigh:: I am thankful that my parents and Niece (and hubby) got the opportunity to see her, and my folks came a few weeks ago and were here for several days. My Mom took video's of Bella playing with Sallie. I'll watch them someday. not now. later.

So, instead we'll be bringing jack-jack with us. He's a doll, I have to tell you. He's super funny and cuddly, I'm so glad. He is filling the hole, making us happy and although we slip and call him Bella sometimes, he doesn't mind and we quickly correct ourselves, realizing the mistake. He's a charmer. Of course, I'll be posting photos of his grooming session yesterday. (Emily!)

The day is busy. So I am off to finish things. Last night I torched until 12:30p. It was delightful. I so missed it. It tells me how much I love what I do. (I do!) Also, the peace and love beads arrived, tons of them!!! So I'll be making them all up on Monday and shipping on Tuesday, everyone's orders will go out. It took longer to get them than I expected but there were a lot of them...perfection usually has a wait-time. :) More soon. I have a gorgeous boro bracelet I'm putting up. It's beautiful and it's one of those pieces that has a different bead but they all coordinate? You know, one of those beauties. :)

So, check back later this afternoon... I have much, much to do until then so don't worry, it's not up. I must go... little jack-jack needs to go potty, and get this... he hasn't had any accidents today or yesterday. He's a smart cookie, that jack-jack.

You are all so kind. I'm sorry to produce such drama's all the time! It must have something to do with my middle name! (Gale... you the wind...the tornado...::sigh:: ::laughs::) have a beautiful day, i'll be back (but i don't have a tuma) (do you get it?) my poor attempt at some humor. :)

xo L

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