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Thursday, June 11, 2009

bad food?

jeff and i went out for dinner last night, tony roma's. i think i had some not-so-good food, or the ribs i ate just didn't like me, either way i was up a lot last night with the lightening and ended up canceling most of my plans for the day. boo.

i'm going to be listing the things i meant to list last night, but mainly i've been working on custom work. :) i have a lot going on there so i just need to plug away, one-at-a-time and finish them up. while working yesterday, i listened (non-stop) to the Twilight movie. dumb huh? well, i love it. it's only about 2 hours from start to finish and it keeps my mind busy. i was taking a break from Outlander (Dragonflies in Amber, actually) because i really need to take my time with those. I hate the thought of zipping through them and then not having a good series to begin... so... i am just taking a break for a week. Twilight has been a nice exchange. i love it when edward walks into the cafeteria for that first time, yummy. he's so delicious. ::insert smell of red delicious apples here:::

speaking of red delicious, has anyone decided on buying any of the scentsy things? (scroll down to post below). it's not a huge deal, you still have plenty of time, but if you need help in figuring out which scent you want, just drop me an email.

well, i need to go. duty calls!

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