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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Edward. Quiet. Picnik. Music box.

Today I'm working. My original plan was to work on my house but nope, I decided to do some work instead. :) I'm in a bead-mood today, probably because I just finished the Edward bracelet in preparation for New Moon's arrival this November. Yes, Yes. I am early, I know this. :) But, I have to admit, I know what my life is like in October and November, I know (!!!) I'd never find the time to complete "him" so I figured I'd get a jump on things.

The beads are divine. Simply divine. I won't give away details just yet because the gals who bought "him" haven't received him yet and they asked that he be kept secret until they open him up when he arrives at their doorstep. I can give some spoilers though, not many, but a few. He's champagne and black, he has several charms... one of them, of course, is an "E" charm with scrolling on its front. The other two I will not give away, they're special. I haven't mentioned what I was planning on using but it just seemed appropriate and well, there you have it. :) It's along the lines of Sookie but more elegant with the shimmering black and champagne. It's so striking, that I definitely plan to own one myself. :)

If you want to be one of the ones who owns him, you can inquire to me personally.

My House Is Quiet.

Amazingly quiet. Jeff is gone. Working at the library on websites. Jack-Jack is at the groomer's. Sallie in the front yard--basking in the warm sunshine. Kitty is asleep on my waterbed. All is quiet on the Eller homefront. It will be a nice day, I think.

In the last year, I've been asked about photo editing. This isn't something I'm terrific at, but I can handle my own and do a good enough job to do all of my editing for my site. So, that's not too shabby, eh? The program I use is Adobe Photoshop Elements. It's easy. Although I have the larger, more difficult CS4 program, I find it completely spooky and daunting. So I never use it. lol Moon uses it for everything. But, mind you, she's a photographer and I am not. Anyway, Emily told me about Picnik and I thought I would share it since it's sooo useful for the every-day person who wants to make their pictures look professional. Have fun!

You'll notice to the right of your screen, that I added a music box. I always loved the Playlist music box but it was large and slightly annoying since it didn't always load quickly. This new one is cute, small and you can control it yourself by just clicking the big "PLAY" button. So, go ahead! Give it a whirl. There's a lot of tunes that are from my favorite movies and some that just make me happy. Enjoy.

Okay. I think that covers a lot. More waves will be coming soon. :) Be on the watch!

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