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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My new obsession: Scentsy Candles!

Hiya! A few days ago I made a blurb about my "new obsession" (or did I call it addiction?). No matter. Anyway, I am finally getting around to letting you know. It's Scentsy!

Remember when I was doing some complaining, albeit mild, about being the Girl Scouts Cookie Manager? I have to say that I met some wonderful ladies who're all involved in Girl Scouts and one of them happens to be a consultant for Scentsy. I'd never heard of Scentsy. They're wick-less candles that smell absolutely amazing. Suzan didn't have to twist my arm very hard to host a party since I was enamored with the Red Delicious fragrance that Scentsy offers. It smells so amazing, you could eat the block of wax right out of the container. Okay, that's an exaggeration but c'mon, gimme a break, this stuff is divine! At one point I was rubbing the wax under my nose because I wanted to carry it with me wherever I went in my house. It was that good. No kidding. So, I can't complain about the cookie manager stuff anymore, can I? I not only found a wonderful product to place in my home to make me happy, but I gained a darling new friend. :) Not too shabby, definitely not.

At first I didn't plan on opening up the show to my blog, but knowing many of you as I do, I know (!!!) that you'll love these gorgeous warmers too. So, I've posted a few photos with links so you can make an order if you'd like. I promise, you'll be so pleased with their quality. They're high-end, extremely well-made and look more like art rather than say a candle you might purchase from the Mall or Walmart. They're just beautiful.

Give them a try, you'll be so glad you did. I love walking into my home, smelling the wonderful scent without fearing that it will catch fire. Plug them into any outlet and let them do all the easy work of filling your home with your favorite fragrance!

If you'd like more information about Scentsy, go here. Once there, click "my events" and you'll see my name. Click it and look for "Shop for Event" and begin shopping!

My scent (today) is Red Delicious. It's fantastic, but there are MANY choices, others that you might prefer. If you want help, let me know. I can give you pointers for things you might love. :)

Here's a list of my favorite scents...

  1. Red Delicious * * * *
  2. Clean Breeze * *
  3. White Tea & Cactus
  4. Luxe Vanilla
  5. Coconut Lemongrass * * * *
  6. Cucumber Lime * * * *
  7. Toasted Apple Butter
  8. Sticky Cinnamon Bun
  9. Spiced Orange Harvest (more of a "Fall" scent, and so yummy)

Questions I've been receiving... (thought I'd give answers to everyone).

Where will my items be shipped? Everything will be shipped to your home.

How do Scentsy warmers work? You simply plug them into any outlet, they have NO flame since they have NO wick. They're wick-less, smoke-less candles. They're fantastic!

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