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Friday, June 19, 2009

A new wave comin'...

Hello and Happy Friday!

First let me say that just because I don't attend our county's fair, does not mean that I don't support our county. LOL Just not the fair. The food is sub-par, the atmosphere is equally disturbing and let's not even discuss the mechanics of those rides. So, simply because I refuse (!!!) to take my children, doesn't mean I don't like doing "fun stuff". Oh, and did I mention that just to get in and "walk around" the litter covered enclosure is $10 a person? Kids included. Um? No. Definitely NO.

Moon went with her fam cuz she's a fair-lover apparently, but she came home with two (two!!) goldfish. Me no likey the fish. lol

Second... I know I haven't had any new waves this week. Today, definitely today! I just need to edit some more photos and list them. It's been a long albeit fun week, despite not going to the pool yet. The kids are dying to go today but since it's 90-plus degrees outside, I'm betting that the pool will be filled to capacity and I'm not interested in that either. So, they're at the neighbor's pool, you know those blue bubble-like pools? They have a blast in it. :) Thank you neighbors.

Okay, I'm off. I have a bunch of beads to clean and some stops to make today. :) Talk to you later! OH, I'm finally used to my new glasses! They were ready sooner than they'd said (originally I was to pick them up today) so I'm glad that I had some time to get used to them. I can't tell you how fantastic they are now that I can see so much more clearly. :) Yay!! Glasses!!

Have a great day, and in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'll Be Back!

PS: We updated Jeff's wedding site, it looks great with our new photos, no?

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