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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A wonderful Father's Day...

We had a really wonderful Father's Day. We didn't do much in the way of "doing stuff", it was relaxing and everyone has just enjoyed the day.

After church we took Jeff out to Longhorn's Steak House (one of my favorite places) and wouldn't ya know they didn't mess up our order, not even once! :) Hooray! It seems that when we want really good food and service, something always goes wrong and inevitably we have tears from some child who's upset that their order isn't correct. lol Not today! It was perfect. So, that was great! Plus, when we left, they gave us a gift certificate for $10 off our next visit. Wow! Bonus!

Then we headed to a shop that I frequent to purchase my Life is Good shirts. :) I told the kids that I wanted them to pick something out for Dad, since the shirts are really cute, I thought they'd do a good job. I also wanted Jeff there to "help". He already has his own collection but the kids are a great help, plus bein' Father's Day and all... however, I'm sure you're thinking "why didn't I have this already finished?" Well, I had cards! lol And truthfully, I didn't know which one he'd like and I didn't want to do a return, yadda yadda. Anyhoo...

He didn't find one he liked. lol

So, off we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to look. (I loved one of the shirts, but well, I suppose it was too pink for Jeff. Whu? Not possible.) He ended up with a new baseball cap. Now, this is a harder thing to find than it sounds! Jeff has a big head. Ha! So, he found one that looks good and was on sale! Bonus again! :)

Then we headed home (dog's and all...gotta head home). He fell asleep on the sofa after reading the cards we got him. He didn't do anything other than lounge around, not a bad day, no? :)

I hope you're was the same. :)

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