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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This and That.

Laurie & Jennifer, 7th Grade, click to enlarge
Hello Everyone!

How have you been? We're doing great, busy busy, but really enjoying the week (so far). I know I still need to post some of our cave photos from Mammoth. I'll work on them soon. Plus, some of my "Goodwill Finds", definitely a must!

This morning, on Facebook, my long-time and very dear friend, Jen, put this photo up. It's the two of us posing for "Twin Day" at school. Aren't we cute? And truly, we look so much alike in this photo, crazy huh? I've known Jen since the First grade and I'm lucky to have her still today. What's nice is that most of the friends from my high school still keep in touch, even after all these years. It's one of the many blessings of a small school. It's also one of those things I love most about the town we've lived in these last nine (!!!) years. It's small and quaint, the schools aren't very large and my hope is that my children will have their friends all throughout their life, making new ones along the way. :) I've been fortunate enough to add some lovely gals to mine and I'd never have found them had it not been for making the difficult decision to stay in Versailles... :) Anyway, I digress, isn't this photo cute!? I think we're in the seventh grade here. Thank you for posting them, Jen. :) (xoxo)

By the way, this is Jen now with her Fiance, Chris. :) they're gettin' hitched December 5th. :) Yay Jen!!!

Today I'm working and I'm pretty sure it's going to be long because my friends want me to go swimming with them tomorrow. I need to torch too, and I'm really looking forward to that, I miss my Jamie and Claire.

Speaking of Claire, ohhh she's been getting better at sleeping, thankfully, and she's now used to sleeping in her own little crate. Before, I was putting her in Jack's crate till she fell asleep and then moved her over. Ugh. What a mess that was. She would wake up, realize he was gone, and cry. ::sigh:: But, we're getting better with her now. :) Or, she's getting better with us?

I have some great things coming on the next wave, so be on the look-out, and some Cutie Specials. :) More on this later.

You all have a terrific day! I'll be around. Oh, and all of you who've written me, I haven't responded, I KNOW, I'll get to ya soon, probably tonight. Also, those of you waiting on pictures... they're coming. And those of you who want custom order check-out pages... they're coming!! :) I really needed to take a slower-paced day yesterday. I didn't get much done other than some laundry, layouts for custom work and took the kids to the Chinese trough Buffet. Did I ever mention how I am SO not a fan of buffet eating? Despite my fat heavy fluffy plump above average size, I can never eat much at those places and it's not worth my money. The kids loved it though, free ice cream? Yeah. it's free alright. Our bill was over fifty bucks. lol Yikes.

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