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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The boys in my house {are hilarious)

There are four boys in my house. They are making a lot of noise. All while playing a game. I thought it was SO funny, listening to them, that I decided to type (very quickly) their conversation. All of the sentences were flying from four different mouths, so it was tricky but funny nonetheless. It went like this...

dude, so not cool

you're using a machine gun!!

there's the chopper!!!

where are the controls??


I am NOT playing.

I just want to WATCH!!!! I don't know HOW!!!

someone tell me how to use the controls, PLEASE!

that is SO not fair. go to the marines.

i never win this game! ARGH.

you weren't even going to play!!!

next time you play, i'm going to change the math.

flashback. change the position.

oh man. i think i'm dead.


B is the crouch. use B.

that's sprinting. you don't want that.

who helps you when you're in a fight?

Santa Clause!!!!


nathaniel. press B!!!!!!!!!

oh man. dude. B. change class.


talk about assertive!!! sheesh.

i think you just died.

too bad.

let's start over.

* * *

LOL this is common at my house. :) I love it.

I do have earrings ready to put up, I'll keep you posted. :) Have a nice afternoon.

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