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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Phew. What a terrible week we all had here in the Eller house. Seriously bad. Blah. Blech and pooey!

However...we're all mending nicely now and I'm especially feeling chipper. :) Last night Jeff and I didn't fall asleep until 3a and we couldn't understand what the problem was. ::sigh:: I'm thinking that the meds we're on are causing insomnia, who knows. Anyway, I finally fell asleep but not Jeff, he ended up walking all the way downtown and picking up the morning's paper. Wha??? I know. Had I known this at the time, I would have told him absolutely not. His he nuts? Yeah yeah. Our town is quaint, small and supposedly "safe" but it's in towns exactly like these that the crazies come out and pick people right off the streets and you never hear from them again until you read about them in the news. So... I wasn't too thrilled about his 3:30a jaunt down to the paper box and walking back. Ugh. Now, had it been closer to Sunrise, then maybe. lol It seems that the crazies tend to sleep during the day. Just sayin'.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Cincinnati to the bead show. Very excited. Planned to go today but after yesterday's weak feeling coming over me all day, I decided to take it easy and just make sure that I was good and FINE. (which I am now) Yay!

This morning I made asked Moonbeam to go with me to the Thrift and GoodWill store. We're becoming quite the thrifty pair. I found yet ANOTHER elephant for my collection made out of some sort of heavy wood, I thought it was rock but it isn't. Cool. And Moon found a denim Eddie Bauer skirt (in a size I'd rather not mention but I'm sure a child could wear it) for $2.99. Then we find out that all yellow tagged things are half off. Whaaaat? Totally awesome. The skirt is sooo totally normal looking and with one good wash will look fantabulous. I didn't find any clothing for me, but I'm back on the Weight Watchers kick (gah!!) and am determined to get this excess off of me. lol It was fun! The only thing I was a bit annoyed with was the chair that they had a few weeks ago, that Jeff talked me OUT of getting and this chair was GONE when we went back today. Ohhh how I was bummed. Really sad. That chair had been on my mind since we walked out of the store. I vowed it would be the last time I would listen to my husband about any sort of "find" that I find at GoodWill. I mean? Seriously? You're arguing with me over a piece of furniture from GOOD WILL?? Really? really, really? Yeah. I didn't think so.

Just want to say that I'll have some fun deals next week, being the last week of the Summer Splash. I'll be reducing, moving and clearing out my entire Spring/Summer inventory and moving onto the Fall and Winter beauties. :) So, take advantage, especially for Christmas gifts.

Okay I'm outa here. I have to finish some custom work! Yay!!!!

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