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Monday, August 24, 2009

I get more done with the kids are gone.

My day has been simply loverly. I've gotten a lot done. It just goes to show how much I DON'T get done ON TIME when my kids are home. ::sigh:: There's just so many of them, you know? lol One of my readers wrote and said that she would wait for her jewelry because she too has four kids and one due next month. Bless her heart. I would have gone for five or even six kids but hubs said "no" and said "four is plenty." It's true. lol For us, we did feel complete with four. I remember being pregnant with Natalie and Jeff making the comment, "now we're all complete! We have a BOY and a GIRL! What could be better?" Hmmm... two more? :) I told him that I still "needed more". I know he thought I was crazy. Really. lol (but I'm all about crazy these days, ya know?)

When Nicole came into our lives I still felt like we could have one more but I really did NOT think it was going to happen. I had to do a lot of fertility to get pregnant (I didn't just "get" pregnant and that was that. nope. it didn't work that way for me. I had to get pregnant and then KEEP the pregnancy. That was the tricky part. My body doesn't make all the hormones needed so I had to have some help after I was pregnant. :). Anyway, it was after we lost our job that I got pregnant with Deanie. I remember Jeff walking into the house and being excited about something and I said, "Well I'm glad you had a great day! WE ARE PREGNANT." "Um? What?" It actually took him a little bit to get over the shock because we were really, super, dooper poor at the time and didn't know how we were going to make it. Looking back, we were rich. Really. lol Little kids are so cheap. It's when they get older that they get expensive. lol Anyway, when I delivered Nadine I remember having this feeling that I'd never had before. A feeling like, "this is it. SHE is enough." I was so glad and Jeff was more glad than me. lol!

I hope that my girls will always stick together. I always wanted a sister, someone to complain to, someone to hang on the phone with and go on vacations. Oh well. I can hope that for my girls. Nathaniel will be there to keep them all from killing each other. :)

We have such a nice little family. I am blessed. They make me laugh all the time, hysterically, to the point of wetting myself. ::sigh:: Not my finest moment, I'll agree, but ya know, I have had FOUR children and it DOES take a beating on the ol' area. ::wink wink:: This is exactly why I don't get on trampolines. I like to watch now. :)

Well. I need to go. We're taking our peeps out for supper (should I say SUPPER or DINNER? I've always been confused by that).

I still need to photograph the pictures. I'll post them up tomorrow. Check back. They're uber cool. Oh, and I'll be showing you a new bracelet I made, "Time Traveler" (and of course it has to do with the book... duh.)

1 comment:

Laurel said...

Hi Laurie,

Never thought I'd get a mention on your blog :) I love how personable you are--so natural and easy to relate to! My mom had a hard time staying pregnant, too. I always worried about that. I have 2 siblings and we're all kind of an "only child" -- lots of years between us. Hope you have a great time eating out...I'm trying to decide what to fix for dinner and no inspiration is coming :(