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Friday, August 21, 2009

Oodles of goodness.

Okay folkies,

I'm working on editing and tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will get my children up for school, pack their lunches, feed my puppies (and Sallie and Kitty) change the loads of laundry, clean up the very messy-at-the-moment play room, send whatever dirty clothes I find in the bedrooms down the shoot (I love the shoot!) and then, THEN!! then I will finish editing the photos and list the items.

It is not my favorite thing to be "rushed" or "in a hurry". When I do I ALWAYS (!!!) make mistakes. Once, I tried to see how many earrings I could make in an hour and well, it wasn't as many as I'd have liked since I was trying to work too too quickly and ended up taking them apart and starting over. And, I'm realllly anal picky about my work so that kinda drives me bonkers. So, I can't be rushed.

Well, I'm going to bed now. Tired. It's 1a. Yikes. Sometimes in the very late hours like these, I'll hear a ding on my computer, my little messenger box telling me that someone is awake. It's always Moon since I don't have anyone else on my messenger box. We're very random. Cracks me up. There were two things we briefly discussed tonight and one was this and the other was this. Except the last one, the fabric? It's no longer available because I bought it. She knew I was looking for good birdy fabric to make some pillows with, and that birdy fabric is exactly my style. Oodles of goodness can be found on Etsy.

Have a good night...a nice morning...and I'll see you soon with bunches of earrings and a few bracelets.


Liberty :) said...

Hey Laurie,
Can't wait to see your new stuff. You have inspired a new series on my blog "Feature Friday" and you are the first of my features, hope that is OK with you. Blog isn't read by loads of people, but all publicity is good publicity hey!

I hope to make an order soon as I've just been told I can be treated for my imminent graduation! Wahooooo!

Have a great day!

Liberty :) said...

Sorry probably should have told you where!