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Thursday, August 20, 2009

School's been great!

Our first day of school photo, above, is great! They were all so excited! And believe it or not, their schools are somewhat chilly with the air conditioning on (thank goodness!--growing up my school had window units and not all of them worked, so I'm glad my kids have central air!) so they like to have jackets to slip on.

Nathaniel is headed to middle school (shudder the thought) and so far, now that they've been in school a full week, he says, "it is awesome." I'm thrilled, but he's pretty easy, my boy. Hes in all the advanced classes and this is a good thing because he can help the girls with their homework. Yay!

Natalie is in fourth grade and so far she really enjoys it. Her teacher is a man this year (shocking! LOL!!). I remember when I was in the sixth grade and I had Mr. McNeel as my teacher (another man, lol) and it was a super year. The other kids had some woman who was really mean and they couldn't stand her, so I was happy to have Mr. McNeel. Anyway, Natalie says that her teacher is really funny and makes jokes a lot during the day (just like Jeff).

Nicole is in class with all her little girlfriends and she's looking forward to the third grade. She's pretty easy and makes friends quickly so I know she'll do just fine. I hope she enjoys her teacher, Nat had her last year and made some comments that she wasn't 'very nice' so let's hope she's nicer than last year. lol!

Nadine is our big first grader now and has grown by leaps and bounds this Summer. I haven't met her teacher yet, but she's a champion boxer and will possibly be in the 2012 Olympics. How cool is that?

Have a great day!

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