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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Such amazing things...

Today I awoke early and headed into Cincinnati via the long stretch of highway, all the while listening to The Time Traveler's wife on my iPod. Before really getting on the road for my short, two-hour trip, I stopped off for gas at $2.49 a gallon and grabbed a tall 24oz coffee. Yup. I know, that's a lot of coffee right there, huh? lol Shockingly, I didn't even have to stop to pee! I know, totally amazing, no? Yeah yeah, but that was not the most amazing part of my day. No.

So, I meet my mother at the Convention Center and feel that giddy feeling I always get when I enter the bead show. Annoyed having to pay the entrance fee because I left the two "free entry" tickets at home on my steps, my Mom and I walk in to the auditorium. Ahhh.... I can see it all. Beads. Gems. Silver. People everywhere, looking for just that perfect strand of bead to make a necklace set or maybe a nice pair of earrings, but not me. I'm not looking for things to make for myself. I often wonder what people think I do with all the things I buy? Make tons of Onyx necklaces? lol (I buy a lot of Onyx--I love it so) There's just so much joy to be found when going to a bead show... and sadness too, because no matter how much money I bring with me, it is still never enough. I dream of the day when I'll buy everything I want and have money left over, wouldn't that be amazing? I know, it would be.

I look for all the things I "need", have the silver vendor I love hold my small bowl for me while I go to the other tables to make sure I didn't forget to buy from all my favorite sellers. Here's how I do bead shows... I do NOT buy things that can be found online, especially cheaper (of course), but I don't even bother to look at them. No point. No need. I never EVER buy crystals from a bead show. If you're a beader and want to know if you should ever buy crystals from a show? The answer is a flat NO. Do not. You can buy crystals from at a much lower price than you can from any gem show. I promise. Cross my heart. :) (I will not stick a needle in my eye.) Anyway, I buy certain silver things, and the majority of my gems. Mainly because I like to touch the gems and make sure I pick strands that are perfect or if the gems are supposed to have inclusions and raw edges, then I make sure I pick entire strands where each has the same quality control that I can pass along to my customers. I'm very picky. Can't help it. So, the bead show was definitely amazing, but that still wasn't the most amazing part of my day.

While looking through the silver table I hear someone ask me a question. I think in my head, "what did she just say?" and I hear it in my mind again, quickly giving me the answer that I should respond to this woman. She asks me, "are you Laurie?" I slowly turn and look to the woman. "Yes. I am." And she says, "the one with the website? Laurie Gale Designs?" (or something like that) and my mind is racing with inner monologue... (what? how does she know me? do I have a name tag on? did someone secretly stick a name tag on my chest without my knowledge? I look to my shirt. No name tag. I'm completely in shock.) And then she says that she's been a follower of my site and reads my blog and has done so "for years" she says with emphasis and gives me one of the nicest compliments that I've had in a long time. She tells me that I am the reason she started beading in the first place. Of course I ask her name and she tells me it's Susan and we greet and I tell her it's lovely to meet her. :) My Mother thought she might know me because of my glasses (I knew this wasn't the case since I do not have pictures of me on my website with glasses so I quickly throw that idea out). And when I ask her how she knows who I am, she says simply, "I just knew." :) ::giggles::

That was the most amazing part of my day.

So Susan, wherever you are... it was absolutely delightful to meet you and now you know that I'm pretty much like my site. :) Me in my simple gray Capri yoga pants, Life is Good tshirt (my new orange one!!! with the coffee mug! that says, "Start me Up" lol!) and flip flops... a simple pair of earrings and... that's it. I'm basic. I'm as basic as they come and I am thrilled to know that amid my simplicity, you knew it was me. :) What a compliment. Susan I hope you drop me an email! :) You made my day and I've been giggling about it ever since. You're my first groupie!

Well, friends. I am off. I have loads of gem strands to go through and cut and sort and touch and take pictures of them so I can show you tomorrow.

I hope you had a wonderful day.

Mine was amazing.

1 comment:

Robbon said...

That is too funny that someone recognized you. LOVE IT! I guess the answer is yes, that you went. LOL I haven't read in a LONG while so I thought I'd check in to see what has been happening. As always, your posts make me happy and grin.