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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One more day until we leave!

My day has been pleasant, busy but pleasant. It started off with kids rushing out the door so they're not late for school, someone (nathaniel) not wanting to wear a certain gray sweatshirt (who knows why?) and me calling him a "creep" because he's too picky. lol Boys. By the way, he got his hair cut and it looks so awesome (it's still long, for those of you who're wondering). lol

I had a bunch of errands to run and managed to get my hair colored, high-lighted and cut by my favorite Master Stylist, Kelsey. If you're needing a great gal to do your hair, let me know. I'll put you in good hands. Of course, you gotta live in Lexington. :)

When I came back into Versailles, I had to run to the bank, Boyd's Orchard, Computer Surgeons, my business bank, and get the kids from school (by 2:30p). I came home to work on beads, clean a bajillion beads (that are now soaking) and then head to church for dinner (which means I need to be out the door in about five minutes).

While cleaning beads I watched Oprah and did anyone see NieNie on there? She was lovely. I'm so glad I watched it, the entire episode was great. Teaches you that you shouldn't worry about what tomorrow brings because no matter what, you'll make it through.

You all take care and I'll be back tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening. :)


Pretty Things said...

Lucky you, have fun!

And OH I forgot to tape NieNie today! CRIPES!

Amy Uy said...

I did watch, she is just beautiful and I love how much
her hubby lives her. Talk about true love!!!
She really makes you stop and appreciate what you have cause it can all be gone in an instant. They were both wonderful to watch.