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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deanie has style.

How is everyone? I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. :) We're getting ready to decorate our tree this evening, but right now I'm mailing all the items that were purchased in the last few days.

Did anyone do the crazy morning shopping? I didn't. I've done it in the past and have found that I'm very tired when it's all over and I can't say that I came back with anything that was really spectacular. How about you? Anything good? Big screen television or a new toaster? (they were 3 bucks somewhere, lol)

On Wednesday Nadine came bounding out of the neighbor's house wearing the frilly knitted scarf and poncho that my mother made for me when I was her age. Nicole wears it too but Deanie's the one who found a new "style" for my poncho. The off-the-shoulder look. She cracked us up when we saw her so I quickly snapped her photo before she realized that I was giggling AT her and not WITH her. :) lol I think she's adorable actually and very chic.

I have work to do, so I better get at it. Talk to you later.

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