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Friday, December 11, 2009

Updates & Issues

Hello peoples! :)

Well. What a response. lol Thank you for all the comments and lovely emails. :) ::giggles and blushing:: I'm currently editing photos...and I still need to take some more photos but wowza, is it ever cold outside--a mere 16 degrees. Yesserree! So, I might be taking some inside but I so love outside photos... ahhhh, the joys of summertime! Just six months away.... speaking of...

My 20th high school reunion is this summer so I've decided to get to it and lose some weight. You know, cuz I need to have a goal and I want my friends to like me. lol Nah, I think they already like me (I so love them) but underneath all of this, there's a person in here with a cute figure... I just need to find her {again}.

Lord help me, I so hate to diet but alas, my hips are beginning to reach my stomach so I really do think it's important to put a gate over my mouth. Actually, it has more to do with no exercise in my life and the fact I have PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (which I hate, btw, but that's another situation altogether so I won't get into that now). In a nutshell it just means my body doesn't know how to process sugars and breads and the like. Whatever. Not to mention that my last visit to Chico's brought me back to their size THREE (which is a size 16/18, for those of you who're wondering) and I WAS in a size TWO... ::sigh::

Anyhoo... I'm going to do it. I'm currently (making you all my weight-police) at 234. Blech. How did this happen and when? lol I'm very happy in MY person and love ME, and to be honest, the only time my weight bothers me is when I'm around thin people. lol!!!! But, I'd like to drop 50 pounds. That's my total goal. I think it's doable. Don't you? Anyway, that's my plan. 50 by Summer. I'll keep you posted on my progress and my number.

Okay, I need to finish editing. So much to do! And I need coffee. FYI, the MacDonald's Latte is 165 calories and the Mocha is.... drumroll... 580. Um? I so do not need that Mocha anymore. Truthfully, the Latte is much better (not as sugary) and you get more coffee in it. I'm working on going to straight coffee with 2 equals like Moon does. Baby steps people. One dramatic shift at a time please. lol

You all have a good day, be watching my website (the shoppe) because I'll just start loading things in as I edit and load them, which will commence roughly around Noon... (if it happens sooner, I'll tell you here).

Over and out...for now. :)

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