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Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

How are you all? Did you have a nice weekend? I can't say that my weekend was the best but it was eventful. lol Lots of things to do but I did try to do a bit of relaxing... for about two hours. lol Maybe this weekend will be better for me? lol Who knows?

For the last week or so we've had constant rain. And not just your typical rain, but freezing, cold and achy rain. Yuck. It just makes for a sour week, no? Anyway, on Saturday we didn't have a rain drop in sight so it seemed the perfect day to do a bit of sewing. Ahhh... I wish. Nope, we cleaned out our garage instead. Fun! However, I can say that we can now fit both the Yukon and the Cube in there, but not on a daily basis. It makes me nervous. I can just see some kid crying to me about how they didn't mean to wack my car with their scooter. Uh, no thanks. So the Yukon goes outside and the Cube (because she's so cute) gets to stay inside. :) lol That job took the entire day but it's one last thing I'll have to do this Spring.

Girl Scout cookies arrive the week of February 22nd. :) Yeah! Exciting! Let me know if you want any. Let's not worry about it until then because I don't want to take orders. When the cookies arrive you can email me and let me know what you want...

Okay I'm off. It's snowing here and my plan for photos is out the window, at least until the snow stops. It's freezing outside. I'm still working on an indoor set up but I just don't like the outcome, the colors are never right. I hate being a perfectionist when it comes to photos but isn't that what you expect from me? :)

I'm sorry for the delay on my overseas packages. I mail them out and I don't know how else to make them get there any faster. :o( If you don't ask for the Priority Overseas shipping add-on ($10) I send them first class mail and that can take four weeks, sometimes longer, so choose the add-on.

The day has left me, where did it go? I need to go get the girls from school. Nathaniel has play practice. Did I tell you that he's Tweetle Dum in The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland? :) I'm so happy for him, it's always great fun to be in a play. Speaking of Nathaniel, we have been approached to get Nathaniel into some commercials for P&G. Kinda exciting. I'll keep you posted on this... they said, "keep his hair long! don't cut it!" It made me laugh. I guess it was a good thing he asked to let his hair grow out, huh?

Have a great day (if you can) because this weather is poopy. Just sayin'.
Happy Monday?  (!!!)

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Liberty :) said...

How exciting for Nathan!!