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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I know. Hurry up already.


How gloomy was this day, I ask you? Even my friends in California and Florida wrote to tell me that it was raining there. Boo hiss! I miss the sunshine.

All the photos were taken (in the rain, I might add, ick) and I just finished editing them.

Today was a not-so-great day. Early this morning I got a text from Jeff, telling me that there was a bus accident involving a minivan where it had hit the bus head-on causing the minivan driver to be killed. She was returning from dropping her children off (her children go to the schools my children attend). We are deeply saddened by the loss. On the way home from picking up my own children we had a talk about how we need to be careful with our words. Sometimes my children will say things like, "you are the worst brother ever" or this popular girl-phrase, "you are a horrible sister!!!!" these of course are humorous but after today's accident, we really stopped to think about what we say to those we care about.

This mother dropped her children off and they had no idea that in less than ten minutes she would be gone from their lives forever. She had a second grader and a seventh grader. My heart is broken for this family. So my whole day was filled with grief. We are blessed to be here every. single. minute. of. every. single. day. No matter how tough things get, we are blessed and I hope we all know how so very precious life is.

Switching gears...

Right now I'm headed to "Poetry Night" at Natalie's school to hear her recite "Sick". She's excited. Me too. Anyway, eventhough I'm finished with photos I have yet to load them in, so I will do that when I return. I'll work until I'm done. It might take me two hours. I'll try not to be too wordy and flowery with my descriptions. :)

I'll be back. In the meantime, be good. :)


big hugs to you!

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