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Monday, January 11, 2010

What a weekend! Phew. I'm glad it's over!

Well. Let me tell you, it was one messy weekend! lol We had events coming out our ears and all sorts of not-so-great-things happening in the process. lol Thankfully it all worked washed out in the end. After two days of being off school (for snow) and heading into the weekend, I thought it would be nice and uneventful...NOPE. Not us. lol Of course NOT us! ha.

Our furnace stopped working so that was nice. ::sigh:: Jeff said, "this is my worst nightmare ever!" lol He keeps thinking that our furnace is going to just up and die on us at any given moment, but the electrician who came out said that it was a fine furnace and had many years left in her. :) Yeah! lol The problem was the little safety switch, it wasn't connected properly and we had to get a new one installed. Easy peasy japaneasy. :)

Then Natalie stepped on a screw. It went right through her crocs 'nadia' boots. I was shocked! But I guess it would have gone through a tennis shoe just as easily. We're not sure where the screw came from (it was in the very back of our yard) but Jeff said as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, he's going to clear it all out. It probably came from the railroad tracks above... who knows. Anyway................

THEN... all of Jeff's websites that were on Wordpress layouts were hacked into and completely ruined. It's been a mess. He's been rebuilding them and trying to find all the corrupted codes to get them back up and running. Thankfully, my Dad hosts my own site otherwise I'd have been shut down too. Let me tell you, I would have been frantic! As you know...I do NOT do well with stress! And that sort of stress would surely make my hair fall out. :) ::giggles::

So that was my weekend! I hope yours was MUCH better! :)

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