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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Say it ain't so!

So today was going to be a fun late-afternoon of taking the kids to various places to spend their Valentine's money that my folks sent to them. My younger girls want those hamster things that make noise and get your hair caught in their wheels, my older daughter wants a puppet from Joseph-Beth that she didn't purchase last week, and my son is after some sort of air soft gun so he and his friends and target shoot cans in the back yard. Nice huh? The things that boys like to do... lol

Anyway, we won't be going because Jeff and Natalie are still just sick and weak. They just look awful. I hope they get better soon. Say it ain't so! They can't get sick! No. No. No.

Jeff normally makes the dinner and since that job is now mine tonight, I need to go. I don't know what to make. Any ideas?

1 comment:

A Loopie Family said...

Sorry to hear about sick kids...i knock on wood everytime i hear that so my boys don't get it:) I just put a super good recipe for Black Bean and Sausage Posole in the oven..... it is bulk sausage,onion, garlic, hash brown potatoes, tomatoes, hominy, and cilantro......soooo good!