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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunshine and Happiness

I knew this week would fly by. I just knew it. Every time I try to slow my life down, it always happens that I get busier and time slips through my fingers.

This morning when I was dropping Nathaniel off at school, we noticed that the Sun was coming up and making our drop-off so much happier. We weren't in the dark (because I am usually dropping him off at school around 7:30a) and it wasn't snowing -- at least it wasn't snow today. (Did I mention the kids had a snow day yesterday?) We were so excited to know that warmer days are ahead.

My week has been filled with Girl Scout cookies, so i thought I would post a photo that a friend took from our delivery the other day. :o) Let's not forget that I have two long-sleeved shirts on and a men's oversized jacket. lol We were after all, in a warehouse!

It was such a successful cookie delivery, with only 3 cases of cookies being smooshed... things happen. Not too bad when you consider how many cases we deal with... All of these cookies go to our Troop Moms in the county where I live and that's what I oversee, the making-sure-everyone-gets-the-cookies-they-ordered so that everyone is happy. The woman standing next to me, Cindy, is the VP of ABC Bakery, the bakery that makes all of these wonderful cookies. :o) It was nice to have her stop in and see us.

Today Jeff is finishing up the stairs (did I tell you he was ripping up the stairs?) in order to make them usable by tomorrow's dinner for my supper club. He'll go and get the food today and I'll spend my evening cleaning the house. Wish me luck! I have only had people over to my house one other time and so it's bit scary. I know you're thinking, "why?!" but well... my house is always under some sort of construction. There's something that's always ripped up, moved over, shifted here and there, stuck there for more space somewhere else and so on. That's what happens when you live in an older house (ours was built in 64) and you're constantly on the we-must-fix-this-NOW mode. Then life gets in the way and that hole that's in your laundry room ceiling because your upstairs bathroom got a Polly Pocket doll head stuck in the drain (along with a glass bead, a tiny play cell phone, a Barbie arm and a doll shoe) so the workmen had to cut the hole to find the trap to the water line takes priority and the other things that need fixed don't. So there you have it. My life as I live it every day. (we still have the hole in the laundry room ceiling and pardon me for not showing you the picture of that)

There are so many wonderful things I need to talk about but just don't have the time this week so please be patient. I also have new items to put up and photos to edit...I'm nearly finished. My biggest job this week was completing the All These Years bracelets, which turned out beautifully. Thank you to all those who ordered it. They will all mail on Monday.

With my recent review of The Help (which wasn't really a review at all, was it?), I have been contacted by several authors and also Harper Collins Publishing Company to do reviews for other books. What a fun thing! I am looking forward to it and will keep you posted on the new books that are coming my way. You know how I feel about books, and you know what? I might just actually read a couple of these new ones. Don't judge.

Well my fine feathered and beaded friends, I need to go. My kids want lunch made and we were out of juice boxes (I told them I would pick up juice boxes and make their lunches and drive BACK to school to give them their lunch) so it's going to be a busy morning already, but it's Friday and there's nothing better than that. The feeling of a whole weekend ahead of you. Let's hope for Sunshine and Happiness, shall we?

See you in a bit.... photos to edit and I'll be back!


Liberty :) said...

ooohhhhhhhhh im so excited for you! I want to write book reviews too! In fact no..I just want to get my damn book published, so I'll give it to you to review and maybe the publishers will take note!! :)

Good luck with your cookies, such a cute idea, wish we had them in the uk :)

Pretty Things said...

I'm on a serious diet (my food is delivered) so I can't indulge like I would love to. But I have had one or two. And the neighbors across the street are the Cookie Cupboard, which is dangerous to me! :-)