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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Intruder.

Okay. I know you're wondering where I've been all week, yeah me too. Actually this is the last full week of Cookie Sales (you know how excited I am!? another year down! -- but my last year doing cookies... as much as I enjoy it, I'm going to let someone else have some fun, haha). So, that's what I've been doing and finishing all custom work, taking on some new orders and getting ready for a Spring Sale (yeah!).

Last night we were watching my beloved American Idol (I like the girl with the dread locks) and I noticed a dark spot on the ceiling. I yell for Nathaniel to come and flip the light on (and to talk about his upcoming haircut, which is today, but I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, plus isn't this why we had kids in the first place? lol To do stuff for us?). So he flips on the light.

And there it was.

The intruder. The common house centipede.

click to enlarge, but beware, totallllly creepy!

This isn't the first time we have seen his kind, actually we've been dealing with them for six years and I have complained about them for-ev-ver. We've had the exterminators out to spray the house and we would still get them. Dang it!

So I took one of Jeff's size 13.5 shoes and killed it, but I missed and it dropped to the floor, scattering about me and I cannot tell you how fast I moved (and screamed). Laurie does not like bugs. Of any kind. Zippo. Nadda. Zero. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

A few years ago I awoke to slapping myself in the neck and finding the remains of one of these things stuck to my skin. I about freaked out.

1. They can get as big as 4 inches in length, the largest we've seen is 3 inches. gah!!!
2. They are at the top of their food chain, eating larger insects like cockroaches and spiders.
3. They can bite. (obviously!!!)
4. They are wicked fast. (i mean really wicked fast)
5. They can live up to SEVEN YEARS people!!!! (seven!!!!)

Yeah so they eat the big bugs, that might be the reason why we NEVER (and I mean NEVER) have bugs in our house, we don't even get ants or flies.... but um? They creeep me out! I just don't like them. My method of extermination is to hit themwith shoes, step on them if I see one and/or spray them with clorox (totally works). In the six years we've lived here, I haven't seen tons of them, don't get the idea that my house is crawling with these things, but I do see maybe five or six a year (and isn't that enough?). The main thing is that they just appear out of no where becasue they can fit into the smallest of the crack in molding or a vent or that hole where you plug your cable cord into...yeah in there. Small, I know!

So, today, feel bad for me because after writing this post I'm now all jittery and wigged out. Just know that I'm still around and doing what I do best...melt and create. :)

I'll leave you with one parting picture...

This guy is now dead. As a doornail. He's Dead in Dallas. Definitely Dead. Altogether Dead. Dead and Gone. Well, you get the idea. ::giggles::

I'll be back with some goodness later. :)



Liberty :) said...

but the question is....Is he also Dead to the World?


byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

LOL!!! yes!!!

Pretty Things said...

Oh yuck yuck yuck.

Kristen said...

Laurie, we get those here too, and I HATE THEM! They have to be the most disgusting things. Ugh!! We don't get a lot either, but springtime seems to be the worst. I agree, they do move fast, and I'm talking REALLY fast! I can't bear to have them squish on my walls or ceiling, so my cure? I suck them up in the VACUUM CLEANER!! It's quick, easy and mess free! If they can survive that they maybe they deserve to live, but I have not had one go in the vacuum and come out alive! LOL!

Ells said...

oooh, I have the creeps now! I thought the desert where we live had the creepiest bugs (tarantulas, sun spiders, black widows, lots of roaches), but you win, sister! Well done with the shoe. :)