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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This and that and not much of anything.

In random order.

1. Our lock on the front door is impossible to open and guests always look so worried when they can't turn the knob to exit. ::sigh:: I look embarrassed and rush to open it for them. This has been going on for almost two years now. ::more sighing:: With the kids gone, we went off to Lowes to look at locks and we found one that was pretty nice (twice as much as the one we bought before... it didn't have a long life and I figure that had something to do with the cheapy pricetag lol). We bring it home and find out that it's broken. Argh! Back to Lowes we went. Jeff installed it beautifully and now we can get in and out of the house with ease. :) Yay!

2. We have a waterbed. We've had this waterbed for ten years. I love it. See? Right before we moved here, I fell on "black ice" and tore my sciatic nerve. Horrible. I've really never been the same since and I think I should have gotten more for my pain and suffering than I did, but what did I know? I thought it would heal fine and I'd go on my merry way. Nope. So, when I go to visit anyone's house (even if they have the best bed EVER), after two nights I'm in misery. I'm not sure why the waterbed works for me, but I am so glad that it does because since having it, my back aches are rare. :)

Anyway...... our waterbed has a leak. Ack! Not good. So we've been draining the bed and have decided that we are in desperate need of a new waterbed mattress (or do they call them "bags"? lol). We tried patching the area a couple times but it's not holding and I really think that hole is getting bigger. ha. So now we've finished draining it and Jeff drug the, what seems like a living thing with all its gurgling noises and whatnot lol, out to the curb for the men to pick up with the trash tomorrow. Tonight we'll sleep in the girls room. Wish me luck. I'll be taking some pills to avoid pain. argh. But, good things on the way, a new mattress is coming (right after I figure out which one to much movement do we want to have?).

3. Have you heard the song "Leave Right Now" by Wil Young? Love love. If you're an American Idol fan (I am!) you'll have heard it already. :) Of course I downloaded it right away. love love.

4. The kids have had a great time with my folks this week. They won't return until Monday, wow that's a long time away. I miss the noise in my house. It's funny the things you get used to, you know? I live in this world of slightly-organized-chaos most of the time and love it, and I look forward to the breaks too, but in the end I enjoy the craziness of my cartoon-life. :) My Mother has them busy with different events every day which include IMAX, painting pottery, crafts, cooking and the like. We need to give it a name... something like Camp-Grandma or Grandma-Camp. Although I must say there's no dirty outhouse to walk to in the middle of the night, no need to worry about the bad food that might be served and thankfully at Grandma-Camp you don't have to sleep on hard, uncomfortable mattresses. Nope. Grandma-Camp is a five-star facility that comes complete with Maid (Grandma!), tons of activities and all the cupcakes you can eat! Oh, and don't ask. Grandma-Camp only has four openings and their names are Nathaniel, Natalie, Nicole and Nadine. :) hee hee

5. Girl Scout Moms have been dropping off their paperwork. I'm glad to see it and will be even happier to see it go. Tomorrow I'm taking all of it, along with all the remaining cookies to the Lexington office and saying goodbye forever. :) I have enjoyed volunteering and helping out my community, but I'll be glad when someone else can take this on. Our Moms have been great and I think we're all tired... another year over. Did you get your cookies? lol

6. I'm growing my hair out. ::sigh:: I look like a cheesy poof. I'm gonna be forty in a year and a half and I want longer hair (longer-than-what-it-is-now-longer). I sure hope I make it. I hate looking shaggy.

That's all my news. I do have new things coming. Today I oxidized a lot of things and can't wait to show you. Oh, I want to tell but I'm not. It's a secret. For now.

I hope you've all been enjoying your week. Mine has been quiet and just lovely.


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Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I am so excited to be receiving my beautiful earrings. Thank you again so much for the wonderful giveaway prize. I will love them!!! Love & blessings from NC!