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Monday, April 5, 2010

I have no pictures ....yet.

My week came and went, filled with nothing but the sound of footsteps in my house and very little noise. There were no sounds of small voices yelling about who did what to whom, or tears because they have nothing to wear on this warmer-than-usual-day and I haven't pulled out our warmer-than-usual clothes yet. There were no persons arguing over who gets to stand in front of the mirror while brushing his teeth, and no one was complaining that so-and-so was on the computer too long and isn't it my turn yet?

But my house was also missing the laughter of girls watching their favorite cartoon. No chuckles from a boy who thinks farting noises on the computer is funny. Nobody to tell me that I look nice when I often don't. I didn't have anyone around to snuggle with me in my waterbed while watching Spongebob. And no one around our table.

As I mentioned before, my kids have all been away at Grandma-Camp. Oh the fun they have had. I can't wait to hear about it and I promise you I will, because I haven't spoken to any of my children in over a week. I've texted with the son, but that. is. it. So I'm all giddy about having them to myself for an hour as we ride back home, and I'm sure I'll hear all about their adventures. So I have no pictures to share...yet.


Jeff and I spent the week doing house-things. I know. How glamorous. Indeed. lol Now c'mon it wasn't horrible, we did get to take a country drive around Versailles and that was very nice, we fixed a beautiful steak dinner (with shrimp!) on Sunday that was fabulous (I have something to tell you about the shrimp, so remind me later). For the last several days Jeff has been ripping out the last of the nasty-white-turned-gray-brown carpet that was in our upstairs and hallway. It is now by the curb. :) He removed all the tack strips (ouch) and began the process of putting down new maple floors. I picked a very light color (because as I've said before, my house is sometimes a dungeon since it's a split-level) and I am in love with how clean and new and shiny they are. :)

So I have no pictures...yet.

But they're coming! :)

Oh, and I have some amazing pre-sale things going up this week. So you do NOT want to miss them. Can we say, bracelets at $54.99 that come with a pair of earrings? Yup. So you better stick around! :)


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