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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm one lucky girl... and I know it.


I was seventeen when I first met Jeff while at camp. I was a camp counselor and he was a youth pastor. Then a couple years later we met again, only this time he was the youth pastor at my home church. I told someone in the youth group that I wanted him to ask me out. Eventually he did...for December 26th. We went to King's Island's Winterfest (awesomeness!). He asked me to marry him on August 6th. We were married on May 20th of the following year.

I am one lucky girl.
And I know it.

Jeff was different than the rest of them. I adored him from the start and the best part? He made me laugh, still does...

every. single. day.

Even now, as I look at him over there rubbing some sort of muscle reliever on his skin because he was out playing softball with guys from church. He tells me he's too old for this sort of thing, yet he "loves it!" That makes me laugh. Crazy boy. Sixteen years sure does go by fast I say to him. Yes. Yes it does! I'm old he tells me. He's not old. He's just that same boy I married all those years ago. Maybe a few more lines, maybe a few more grays... maybe, but who's counting? I love that face.


I'm one lucky girl.
And I know it.

Sixteen years. It just flew by.

This morning I awoke to a dozen pink (!!!) roses and a card that said, "I love you more than ever".

When the doctors said we'd never have kids, he said it was okay and that he didn't care. And then with some infertility treatments... along they came... one... then two... and he said, "two's good. let's stop there.we have just enough to fit in a booth... a booth family." And I said, "no no. I want more." And he was okay with that. Number three came. Then our last with baby number four. I said four felt right and four was good. And at each birth he cried and fell in love with him again every single time.

Tonight we went out to dinner with those four little people we made out of love, our family. Everyone in an over-sized booth...we all fit just fine. We're still a booth family. And he says to me, "I love our family."

After all these years he still wants me...just as I am...with all my faults...with all my craziness (lemme tell ya) and he still tells me I'm the only one... all these years.

I'm one lucky girl.
And I know it.


Stacie said...

Laurie, your post made me a little teary. You are blessed and I'm sure Jeff knows that as well. Happy Anniversary, my friend :) Have a fabulous time celebrating!

Kirsten N said...

I loved reading the story of you two - so sweet. Congratulations on your anniversary Laurie!

Kristen said...

Wow! Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary to you both. :)