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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Runaway Mutts.

Good Afternoon!

Today Claire darted out the door and went visiting the neighbor's. ::sigh:: Everyone on our street is relatively "okay" with our goofball pups, but there's one who is down right mean. Ugh. So of course, today she gets out the front door and runs up the street to bark her head off at the man driving into his driveway. Argh. My dogs are not bright. Seriously. Not bright.

We've been trying to figure out just what we could do about this problem and I think we're going to put in a fence. Now, I can't do a big ol' crazy fence like the neighbor's have, wowza, most of them have been thousands and I can't afford that (I really can't do a fence right now, but I'm finding it must be done so I'll find the money--you know how it is).

I'm thinking of doing a fence like this...

It's in a really nice neighborhood down the road and I love the look of it, plus it certainly can't be crazy-expensive. Not to mention I wouldn't need this much fence! My yard is no where near this large. Anyway, before you go thinking the dogs can get out of this (um, of course they could...) this fence has wire on the other side of it. A lot of our fences here in the Bluegrass are made this way, I just never paid attention to them I guess. lol (because I didn't need a fence!)

I just love the look of it and it would fit the style of my home. With the wire fence behind it the doggies cannot get out! So, that's what I'm thinking. What do you think?

The thing is, I can't handle my runaway-mutts for an entire Summer and worrying about them angering the neighbors or getting hit by a car. ::sigh:: 

See? Look how nice it is. I love their yard. :)

These gorgeous pink roses are at the entrance to their subdivision... so pretty.

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