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Monday, May 10, 2010

Yeah ME!!!

It was a whirlwind weekend and it had good-camera-taking-intentions...but alas, I took zero. I'm trying to get better with taking photos so that I have record of various events... ::sigh:: Do you have a tough time remembering to carry your camera everywhere? I do. I might need a smaller camera bag.

Anyway, we went to Cinci for the night, a reallllly quick trip. I drove with the kids and Jeff came up for the day to be with his Mom (we came up later in the day and spent it with her). It's also my Mom's birthday. It's a busy time. My Mom made all sorts of things that I can gain more weight on and thankfully I didn't go overboard with her cake. Ugh. It's so good you could take a bath in it, no really, you could. She didn't make cupcakes, although I hope our next visit will have them because they're my favorite. :o)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day. My kids got me Mac's coffee cards (cuz I'm a bit obsessed with their coffee) and I was thrilled! Yeah me!

I know a lot of things are out-of-stock in the Shoppe and I'm trying to fix that, but I am also finishing up all the orders for Sheer Happiness, Artemis and a few others. Seeing all the Artemis beads at one time, totally awesome. They are so lovely.

My son is Tweedle Dum in Alice in Wonderland and their performances are this week. I'm kinda nervous for him. When I was in high school and college, I was a huge theater buff, so it will be fun to see my little big man in action. I will remember to bring my camera.

In other news...

This bracelet is now available for order. I just got word today that it can be recreated. However, I can only make one more with the purple cube on the side... I'm hoping to get  more but for now, there's just one of those left in my inventory. So I'll only put ONE back into the shoppe since I am sure it can be made fairly close, but after that I plan on listing them individually since there will be some variation.

Enjoy your evening. My fam is taking me to dinner for Mother's day... since we spent it with our Mother's, I really didn't have my family to myself... so they're going to take ME out! Yeah ME!!! (and I'm bringing my camera!)

1 comment:

Laura said...

Beautiful bracelet - love the colours!

Laura :o)