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Monday, June 28, 2010

Bathroom Reno...updated

Have I ever told you that my husband is handy? Well, he is and thankfully he's smart too! :) (way smart. much smarter than me.) So when I asked him about doing a complete reno to the kid's bathroom he was like, um no. But then I told him I would love him forever and he was eager to start the demolition! lol

So here we go...

the above photo is our inspiration...
the kid's bathroom is smaller than this space but i love the look
and can see our small area with this same feel.

* * *
Here's our bathroom as it is right today.
(you might want to shield your eyes...some photos are very graphic in nastiness. just sayin'.)

my Longaberger purse was signed by Dave himself... in 1994. it's a keeper. we won't be throwing it out. don't worry. usually, it holds hair bobbies and head bands. cuz it's cute.

all of that tile is now gone. yippee! we have a very old house (1964). ok. so it's not that old. but it's old in today's standards of everyone building brand new homes or buying homes that are less than 5 years old. yeah. that's not us. our street is in the historical district (which means nothing more than we can't have obnoxious pink bowling balls that glow in our front yards) but the street next to us has those really old (and ginormous) homes that have the "historical plate" on their door they have important homes! lol we are average but ya know? we love our neighbors and i wouldn't want to move for nothin'.

back to my reno.

the kid's bathroom is just grossy. we've been wanting to fix it for a long time, mainly because we want to do the other two bathrooms too but want a smaller job (in case we totally screw it up) so we can learn. you know? so this is the opportunity. the girls are at my folks' in cinci and nate leaves tomorrow. so we'll have several days IN A ROW where we don't have to fix 3 square meals and referee stupid arguments. lol :)

if you look, you can see the laminate flooring we put in a few years back...just to do a 'quick fix' until we had the time (and extra cashola) to do a bigger renovation. the tile underneath is completely rotten. yuck! do you see that open tile spot? yeah. that's where the toilet paper roll thingy was but someone (nathaniel) fell into it somehow and broke it off the wall. it's been like that for about two years. nice. so glad to see all that tile go away!

the man working hard under the old sink, getting ready to rip that sucker out and throw it to the curb

three years ago (i think it was three years ago) we ripped out all the tile in the shower and replaced it, rebuilt the walls (again, rotten wood) and it's still in perfect (and spanking clean) condition. so that's done. i'm glad too, because i don't think i'd be able to do all of that in a week. lol or should i say jeff, i don't think JEFF would be able to do all of that work in a week. lol so at least we've got that done and can move on to the floor, walls, pedestal sink (love love!) and beadboard! yummy!

old tile... blech.

this is just gross. we knew it was rotten underneath the tile, but it's a huge job--removing all that wood then to rebuild the floor (right now i can see into my downstairs bathroom from up here, lol). i'm so glad to see that 1964 tile go...yeah yeah, i know, it's retro. what of it? some things just need replacing, especially if you can find yourself getting sick off all that grotesque rotten wood!

look at all that rotten, nasty sub flooring? when they built this house they didn't use the best stuff (i think jeff told me this was pressed or particle board...he says that's wrong). he bought something else. don't ask me what. i have no clue, but it was good. lol!

i know you're wondering if we're being safe and all that. yup. totally. see hubs with his seriously heavy-duty mask? i know. it's crayzee! he's also wearing my diddy glasses for melting such a goofy bird. i told him they weren't safety glasses, but apparently they are. who knew?! (diddy glasses take the orange out of the flame so i can see to work when i'm torching)

so here we are. it's now 11:18p and jeff just said that he needed to start on the floor. ugh. he really needs to go to bed! lol but i guess when you're in the groove, you keep working.

i can't tell you how much i'm looking forward to having a new bathroom for the kids and guests. so far, the project is going along nicely and ::crossing fingers:: soon we'll begin the master bathroom. same deal though, pedestal sinks etc. i love how they look. don't you? my bathrooms aren't huge, so they take up less space and they make it look so clean. i'm all about the clean factor. lol with four children, three dogs, one cat and a messy husband...well, you gotta grab clean whenever and however you can.

just sayin'.


Bathroom Showroom said...

looks like you have been working hard on your bathroom, hope all is good and i cant wait to see the next set of photos :) good luck!

Kristen said...

Oh Laurie, I hear you on the remodeling madness! It's going to look great when it's done, can't wait to see it! :)