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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A quick two weeks!

I know I have been away. My week has been full. Swimming with friends at the pool. Various cleaning projects around the house (and my house is still a mess. no seriously. it's ridiculous. you try having all these children and their friends running about and see how well you do! lol)

So I'm going to tell you what the next two weeks look like around my home...
  • Saturday taking all four kids to Cincinnati to stay at my folks' house.
  • Returning Sunday morning with The Boy, leaving the girls behind with Grandma and Papaw
  • Monday morning get The Boy ready and off to camp
  • Quiet house until Friday...(more on this later)
  • Friday my folks are driving back with the girls
  • Friday we pick up Nathaniel from camp
  • Do a quick laundry change, repack etc etc on Saturday and Sunday
  • Colie and Deanie off to a 5-day (!!!) camp with their friends at Burnamwood
  • Jeff taking Natalie and Nathaniel to his mother's until Thursday
  • Pick up Nicole and Deanie from camp...
Everyone, by then, after two weeks, should be back together!!!

More later!

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