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Friday, August 13, 2010

Nicole turns nine.

We refer to the younger two daughters as "The Little Girls" and it seems like yesterday that one of them was "little", but now that she's turned nine (today) I guess calling her a "little girl" isn't going to fit. ::sigh::

(Nicole 6mos.)

Nicole came into this world so easily, that my doctor almost missed it because he was chatting with my Dad out in the hallway. lol I said that I was READY and he could not believe that I got to 10cm so quickly. She was easy. She's still easy. She's all girl and so kind. She's also almost always happy. :)

(Natalie in blue. Nicole in pink. Florida 2007.)

She's just the cutest little thing.
Always Sunshine and Happiness.
Always looking on the brighter side of things.
Always willing to lend a helping hand.
Our Nicole.
We love her.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.


Francy said...

she is such a sweet looking young lady! Happy bday to her.

Kristen said...

Aw, that's sweet! Happy Birthday Nicole! I hope you guys enjoy your day! :)

Pretty Things said...

Oh, how beautiful! Mine is seven. Stop growing up already!