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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So little time...

This week has flown by and I know you're thinking, "what? it's only Wednesday!" Yeah. I know but for me, my "weekend" begins tomorrow and I still have so VERY much to do before we leave for Cincinnati. My 20th High School reunion is this weekend (gasp!) and I still need to get my toes and fingers done. hee hee. The last time I had this done was three years ago when I went to my niece's wedding. I'm a simple girl I guess. :)

The other things that have been going on this week? Nathaniel got a spider bite on his leg (looks awful) and the doc gave him two meds and some ointment. If it doesn't heal in ten days, we'll be back for shots. Why do we needs spiders anyway? I will ask the Lord when I see Him. lol Surely He had a good reason (altho right now I don't know what it is!).

I'll write more but work is calling me! I still have laundry and packing and oh goodness!!! So much and SO little time.

There are some new things in the shoppe with more to come but I hope you love these two new pieces.

Stunning linear-style earrings, my favorite look!

August flowers are so beautiful. By the time the Summer is nearing the end, we see the beds overflowing with color and growth. I loved the mix of colors in this piece. I hope you do too.

To see more photos or to purchase, visit the Shoppe!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

So sorry about your child's spider bite. I'm with you, why do we need spiders and (snakes) too. Have fun at your high school reunion. We had our 38th reunion this summer. It was so much fun!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Marianna said...

eeek! Spiders *shivers* I agree we can do without ...and while we're at it let's do away with centipedes *gag*

Silver Charm Bracelet said...

I love the colors too.And the transparent look of the jewelry steals my heart.They are a must do I buy them?