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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do you remember my $22 chair?

Lately I've been busy finishing up all the current custom orders but also making time for Friday Fun and Saturday Surprises. :) Someone asked me the other day how I manage to work and have a hobby (because truthfully my work used to be my hobby and now that it's work i need a ... well, hobby).

There are days when I think, do I really need to do this today? I would so rather be doing something else... and so on. But, I get excited knowing that you are excited about your box coming in the mail so I do the right thing... and work. :)

But on the weekends I try really hard not to do anything beady unless it's for my girls or myself (which is rare because they really would rather do things with fabric--me too!). For the last several weekeds I've been working on this chair and she is almost finished!


My twenty-two dollar chair. Yup. Love her.

And I stripped her down and then began the recovering process (my first time).

She's almost finished so check back tomorrow to see the after.

Enjoy your Sunday.

I have Girl Scouts. We're tie-dying tshirts. Wish us luck!  :::giggles:::

1 comment:

Beth said...

Oh, you're a tease! I want to see your chair now!