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Monday, October 11, 2010

The joys of Vacation {in St. Pete}

Vacation is a lovely thing.  Getting away from lifes stressers and finding peace by the sea. We relaxed and had such a wonderful time with friends and alone. We bought fresh meat and shrimp, grilled it and enjoyed it while staring at the beautiful view. The kids ran in the sand. We found creatures galore (and even caught one...or two). It really was a lovely vacation.

Here are a few of our photos...  :)

we quickly realized that the birds wanted the chips in deanie's bag. :) i love this shot.

so she ran back to get rid of the bag.

phew. they're leaving me alone! lol
changed the focus. i'm new to this...i enjoyed fiddling with my camera.

looking for lizards...

catching lizards...

love how the sun was shining on her


: )

four trips to Uncle Andy's ice cream parlor. They have THE best coconut rum icecream I've ever had.
(in photo...our good friends the Mix's and my crew)

gorgeous sunset. this was our view as we were eating. not bad huh? i could get used to this.
blurry. not much light. love this anyway.

a two-day stop at universal's studio. Hogsmeade was FABULOUS! (if you are not a harry potter fan this won't mean anything to you, but for us... we had the best time ever!)

 : )

i won't be back in the studio until the end of the week. we have quite a few house projects to tackle and i can't wait! dining room i come!

i hope you had a great week! see you soon!

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