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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Her Special Day. {a custom piece}

One of you wrote to me and asked if I would showcase more of my custom pieces. :) Normally I don't photograph everything because it adds to my already growing list of to-do's. So the new thing is, if I have extra time I will put up custom pieces so you can see them. :)

Isn't this precious? What I love is that the colors are so perfect for Valentine's Day. It just sings love and happiness. ::kiss kiss::

Full view. There are three flowers to represent each little daughter. :)

The deep purple bead with sweet flower is what one daughter chose.

Baby pink and Christmas red is what another little daughter wanted (this little girl is just three)...

...and baby blue with a twisted stringer is what yet another daughter picked out. This daughter has a snake and really like the wrap of the glass. (me to)

A husband called me, wanting beads that represented his three little girls with the colors they asked for. It was for their Mom's Special Birthday (which was today).

Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope you love it! I loved being apart of this special memory.


Stacie said...

You need a "Like" button :) I love those colors together!

QuiltNCards said...

That story made me cry... so sweet. I love the 3 year old's bead, the pink and red.
Thanks for sharing it with us.