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Friday, January 14, 2011

New specks & new styles!

it's been a busy day. phew. glad it's nearly over.
let the saturday fun begin!

i snapped a photo of my new glasses. forgive me for the poor quality.
it's not my good camera. :) what do you think? like? i do! they are so
light in weight. ::kiss kiss!::

they're not sitting on my face properly. i was in a hurry. :) also i'm sans make-up. don't judge.

love this color combination. :) it's very similar to my custom pieces. this one has a vermeil charm at the toggle. it's so sweet.

* * *

don't you love these earrings? me too! do you know what the Oz Dust Ballroom is?

you can find more new things by going HERE.


Anonymous said...

Love your new glasses Laurie. I also love all the new goodies you posted.
We had a sad day today. We had to put our sweet dog to sleep as he was suffering from kidney failure. He was a Scottish Terrier and we'd had him since birth. We will miss him!
Hugs, Maureenxo

QuiltNCards said...

What do you need with make up? You could have fooled me.
Love your stuff!

BuckleBottom Beads - Haley M. Smith said...

Mm Hmm!! I sure DO know what the Oz Dust Ballroom is!! I was just there last night! (Elpheba, Galinda, Fiyero and the gang are making their appearance in Tucson right now.) And those earrings are YUMMY and so Ozmopolitan! XO