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Saturday, February 26, 2011

painting {laura ashley apple #5}

jeff is the Youth Pastor at our church. the youth have the entire 3rd floor to do with as they wish and it's been under construction for roughly a year. however, now it's really moving along and i'm so excited! after about eight "tester" paint colors from lowes, we finally settled on a theme of gray flannel with pops of color. when i say "pops" of color i mean SERIOUS color!

moon had her loft painted in the most beautiful shade of green.

she told me it was laura ashley's apple #5 and so we used that color in our youth room as well. it's so lovely. here's a shot of the wall, mind you the paint is still wet. today i'm going to do some more work so i'll take another picture of it dry so you can see the difference. (i took this with my phone. sorry for the blur.)

we have so much planned for this space. it's actually two large rooms, one side will be eating and the other lounging with a platform for small productions (think improv). the flooring we chose is a deep mocha from sam's club. the faux wood flooring they have nowadays is fantastic. it looks so much like wood.

so that's what i'm up to today. we painted last night until after one in the morning. thankfully i'm not terrrribly pooped so i'm heading back this afternoon to complete the other side of the room. :) more pics to come.

i hope you're enjoying your weekend! on monday i'll be having some more earrings and necklaces. also, my package of ceramic charms arrived. oh. my. word. the joy! i'll share them with you next week!

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