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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

getting ahead of the game {tuesday's table}

hi all.

it's pouring cats and guinea pigs outside. seriously. so obnoxious.

in between waiting for the kids to come inside and ask what we're having for dinner and me cleaning the clay out of my newly baked beads, i thought i'd put an apb out there and ask a question.

what would you like me to write about for tuesday's table sessions?

i had a few emails on how i store my things, what my take is on using brass and copper over silver and my favorite... where do you get all the stuff you buy? lol this one cracks me up because years ago i thought i shouldn't just hand over all the goods to those who don't bother to even LOOK for it online. however, now i'm a bit more secure about it all and don't really care one way or the other. oh, and i'm asked a LOT about website stuff... which i don't really mind sharing but it just takes too long so i doubt that will come up anytime soon. my husband builds wordpress blogs so if you ever want one, he's super good. (his most recent: - i did the photography, he did everything else)

so what do you want? make a comment and you'll get a discount code for the shoppe. how's that for bribery?

back to the cleaning and dinner...


Haley said...

What? No comments yet? Hmmmm...... I've been thinking all day what I would want you to post about (seeing as I'm one of the pesky ones that has asked you where ya got things ;O) ), but I suppose the "where/how do you store it all" post might be really helpful to me. I keep all my silver in bags so it doesn't tarnish, but it makes it soooo hard to find/see what I have. ?? So, maybe something along those lines?

And I'm still interested in where you buy all your goodies. I'm no internet slouch, mind you.... I've spent 7 years looking for quality, uniqueness and decent price. Just always curious when I see something new. :O)

April said...

Just wonder where you get your metal pieces. They are cute an unique.

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

Haley and April, thanks for your input! I'm not sure why people email me instead of posting to my site. I've always wondered why. Anyway, I will have a coupon code for each of you for 10% off your purchase during the month of April. Haley your code is April1 and April your code is April2. :) Thanks so much! laurie

Missy said...

I want to know the "best" way to store all the goodies I have gotten from you. Looking forward to more!