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Thursday, November 29, 2012

it's been a long year!

hi friends,

where did september and october go, and for that matter what about november!? i know what you're thinking, where have i been this year? well, it's been a long one with jeff finishing school in may and then student teaching during the fall into winter. he has five days left. i can hardly believe it myself! time certainly does fly... and this time, i'm thrilled and overjoyed about the end of the year. :)

we also have big news for our family... after nine years on old hickory, we've bought a house less than a mile away and i simply love it. now it needs work, don't get me wrong, but we wanted to stay living downtown so the kids can enjoy freedom on the weekends. the girls get together with friends and walk downtown, grabbing breakfast or lunch, then heading to the corner pharmacy for a milk shake. they might stop at some local shops while there and then head home. it's such a great town, i will never move.

so. back to the house. it's old. like over 100 years old, but we have an entire acre and to find that in the middle of downtown versailles is crazy! we are so excited to have parties and friends over... we plan to do major remodeling next year or when jeff lands a new job. the house needs a new front porch so we'll be removing the current porch for something that looks like this...

we'd like a more craftsman-type house and this house has exactly what we're looking for... plus i love the color scheme. you like?

a friend posted this on facebook and i laughed because it's totally true. take note. (totally random thought, i know, but just amuse me. i haven't talked to you in a long time)

sofa in the new old house.... more pictures to come soon.

if you follow me on instagram, you know that i love to post my latest obsession... wedgie shoes....

i've been wearing these a lot lately--even if it's chilly outside.

 totally crushing on the red gingham.

you would NOT believe how comfy these are!

aren't these fabulous!? i managed to snag all three pairs for under thirty bucks. i know, right? i was sad to put them away for a season, but spring will be here before we know it. anyway, i post this sort of stuff to my instagram wall... yet another obsession slash addiction. :)

friends, the sale is just around the corner. i've been busy with custom orders but in the next week i'll be finishing all the items for my annual online holiday sale. it's going to be big this year, with lots of items and so many new items...i'm shooting for Thursday, December 13th. everything will ship by that Saturday, just in time for Christmas. i won't be offering anything else for this year so grab things at the sale.

have a great weekend and i'll see you really soon!\

ps: moon took a new photo of me... what do you think? i've gone super blonde and i'm really loving it. not too shabby for a 41 year old, right? :) truth be told: i have more gray than not--thus the color change. i'm just not ready to go all-over-gray and be a grandma with no grandkids yet. ha! :)

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