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Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's book review: On Dublin Street

because i've been doing a ton of reading lately (shocker), i decided to start a Monday's Book Review of whatever i'm reading. if i like the reviewing of books, i'll add other days too, but for now, let's just stick with monday's shall we? good. thanks.

now, to warn you, my current favorite genre is adult erotica romance, and while that might not be your cup-o-tea, it's mine and this is my blog. so there. if the book doesn't have an HEA (happily ever after) i really won't read it. it's just that simple, people. good ending yes. bad ending no. easy.

plus, i've had a dry spell with my posts and maybe writing about what i'm reading will help get me back into the swing of blogging.

so i'm going to start with On Dublin Street, recommended to me via Maryse. if you don't read her blog, she's a great resource for all things romance and paranormal. i'm beginning with this book simply because i just finished it and it's still fresh in my mind.

this particular book i listened to, but i also have it in e-reader format. 

On Dublin Street

by Samantha Young

now in my early forties, i find myself in a teenage wonderland of adult erotica, but after a recent running jag on that genre i thought i'd try On Dublin Street. it had great reviews from my favorite book blog, Maryse, but a lot of her reviews can be upbeat and not always my taste.

this book was so good, right from the start. i listened to it back-to-back because i just couldn't let the characters "go" -- and put them back on the shelf, so-to-speak.

jocelyn meets braden whilst sharing a cab. there's instant attraction but end up exiting the cab without exchanging any personal information. jocelyn rents a flat with ellie, who ends up being braden's sister--what a great twist to it too, because while i kinda figured it out, it was fun to watch it unfold in the story.

jocelyn has issues that she rarely, if ever, speaks of, and braden is interested in getting with jocelyn however he can. they set up a "friends with benefits" agreement to last three months. it's during those three months where we are put through the ringer of emotional turmoil with jocelyn, but oh, how i loved the ride.

braden is tender yet incredibly fun and quick-witted. i think he's my new christian grey. sigh. the chemistry between them is completely infectious, the banter fantastic. i found myself giggling all over the place and let's not forget the steamy scenes. oh my word, they were amazing. my heart was beating out of my chest.

the character development was excellent and i hear that there's a second book to come out may 7th, about one of the characters mentioned in this book. so of course, i'll be getting book two as well. also, the narration was superb and it made the book so enjoyable.

give it a try, even if you LOVED or HATED Fifty Shades, this is nothing like that (no paddling, weird sex or angry sex scenes in Dublin). it was refreshingly sweet but still had a great deal of drama.

i adored On Dublin Street and i think you will too.

updated 1.29.13: i found a "christmas edition" story from my goodreads search. here's the linky over on smexybooks' blog. i can't wait to read this. :) love joss and braden. click HERE to read the christmas short by samantha.

ps: these opinions are strictly my own, i was not paid to write my review

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