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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bella & Deanie

Emily took a photo of Bella and Deanie. Now let me say that Deanie just happens to be the one with Bella most of the time, as she tends to think that Bella is her dog. Despite the fact we tell her all the time that Bella is every one's puppy (mainly MY PUPPY!), we still need to share her. lol Deanie carries her around and has only dropped her twice. ::sigh:: Bella is such a joy! We just love her little face. :) Thanks Emily for the photo!

We had a wonderful weekend and as much as I'm sad that today starts a new week of work, I am very pleased that the weather will be sunny for a few more days before the rain pours in. We do need rain! My plan was to do a bit of gardening but that didn't happen, instead my day was spent doing a ton of nothing and it was wonderful. Ahhh...

Today is spirit week at school, today's fashion was "bling". When I was growing up we never had this as a day all to itself. Bling? Really? Is that necessary? Our "bling" consisted of Nathaniel wearing all of his award medals from his years in school (many!--very noisy) and a football jersey, although he's no longer on the team. I didn't understand the reasoning behind the football jersey, I'm guessing in some circles that too is considered "bling?" LOL! I don't know. Natalie wore a nice outfit with my Esprit necklace and my Wicked earrings. :) That was enough 'bling' for her (thank goodness). The little girls both wore dresses and necklaces that they'd made themselves. They too chose to wear just one item rather than the overload that Nathaniel decided upon. lol I'm sure they'll have a wonderful day despite all the noise. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm sure that Nathaniel's teacher will have them remove those jangles cuz, uh, can you imagine teaching with that clanging going on all day? I can barely stand people chewing around me, I can't imagine the noise of constant sounds of out-of-tune wind chimes going on. Ack! lol

I have work to do! You have a great day!

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