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Monday, April 27, 2009

Honey Lampwork Earrings

Hello! How are you!? How has your day been so far? Me? Okay...

Jeff made Zupa Tuscana soup for our teacher's appreciation week, remember two weeks ago when he made it and I had the date wrong? So we had that soup for three straight days for lunch and a couple times for dinner? lol Yeah. So, today he makes it for them and it was a HUGE amount (enough for 40 or so) and he says, "do you want me to make some for us?" My answer was easy. "No." How come? Well, aside from the fact that the soup is fantastic, I said that I'd burnt myself out on it and that it would be just fine if we made something else for dinner, and by "we" I mean "him" (he does the majority, if not all, of our cooking). I know. I'm lucky! :)

Anyway, we took the soup into the school and of course I had to bring Baby with us. :) She was immediately welcomed by anyone who realized she was, in fact, a puppy and not a stuffed animal. I don't know many adults who carry around stuffed animals, but whatever. lol So after we made the soup drop-off to all the hungry teachers awaiting its arrival, we did a few rounds of classroom stops. Many of the teachers are friends and I just love seeing their little faces! It was nice. Normally I don't go into the school very often so when I do, I like to stop in and say hello to all my peeps. :) ("peeps" is the slang term for "peoples", in case you didn't know this... just fillin' ya in on that)

Then we went to MacDonald's for a Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich with tons of pickles and a coffee. :) Me Likey the Coffee at Mac's. Speaking of "likey"... my husband was the one who put "me no likey" on the post about the dogs. He's such a goof!! He made the mistake of telling me. Me no likey the hubby's humor sometimes. LOL!!

Okay I need to scat. If you like the earrings, grab 'em up. I can also make them in any color. This pair is a shade of honey and sparkle in the sunlight. They're short but not dainty, they're a nice size and very noticeable. Fantastic! :) $26.99 with free shipping...

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