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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bead Show. Fun. Rain.

Okay. So. The bead show? It was great. It wasn't nearly as large as the show's that come to Cincinnati but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not many people there to crowd around each table, making it difficult to even see any of the items for sale, nope... maybe fifty people walking about. Awesome stuff. I found a lot of wonderful pieces that I absolutely cannot wait to use! Avacado greens, Fiesta corals, lemony yellows, candy apple reds... ahhhh, the beauty of color! At one point, I thought I was going to eat them right off the table. :) lol Moon came with me and thankfully she understands the addiction one might have to these sorts of things... she with her love-affair with paper and punches and me with all things beading. However, I really like paper too! I just never get to use it.. I need to make time!! ADD IT TO THE LIST!! :) So after the bead show, Jill, Moon's GPS navigational systems helper, took us promptly and EASILY to Rafferty's, one of our favorite lunching places. You can get a salad and soup for 7 bucks! And, it's a great salad. Definitely check it out if you have one in your area. :)

Later, we met back up for dinner. We had my folks, Moon and her kiddo's and my crew. Pizza. Roasted marshmallows over the fire pit, making S'mores. Charlie throwing golf balls in random fashion (classic!). Charlie trying to help Jeff build a fire. Charlie wanting to carry HUGE sticks cuz he so strong! Girls giggling and making their food talk. Moon chasing after Charlie. Us laughing. Sallie and Bella playing--sooo cute! I did a lot of watching. LOL It was fun!

It's raining today. We have very little internet connection. Odd how bad weather can cause this. We have mild rain. Nothing major. Just rain. And no connection. Nice. I'm using the wireless thing that Jeff takes with him on appointments. I love that thing!

Talk later,

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