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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Sister's Keeper - the movie

I read. No. Wait. Back-up. I listen. It helps pass the time while I'm torching or cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry or beading or, or, or. It began with the upset that I couldn't finish the final Harry Potter book and desperately needed to finish it. Jim Dale happened to be on tv to receive an award for his narration. Why not? I thought. So I bought the seventh book on audio and I haven't looked back since.

I suppose one might ask why I wasn't reading something of more substance, say a book on how-to-anything or on the life of some great person that I don't know. Nah. That's not for me. I'm a chick-flick kinda gal and have zero interest in bettering herself with the know-how's of someone else who already figured it out. *smirk* No, wait, I do want to better myself, YES! But I really like to 'escape' when I'm working, have my own place to go in the midst of the beautiful chaos that lies in front of me... oodles of colorful rods stacked on top of one another, ahhh the color. I so love the color. (here I go again with the color!) Okay, let's put it another way...

When I began this thing that I do, this awesomeness thing of making jewelry, it was a hobby, or I thought it would be a hobby. Fast-forward seven and a half years later? Yeah. It is so not a hobby. It turns out that it's more than a hobby, it's a job. Someone once said that if you want to succeed in life you must do what you love. Well, I don't know if I've necessarily "succeeded" in life but I sure do LOVE what I do. At night, I think about beads, I dream about beads, I wake up thinking about what I can do with beads... well, you get the point. So, yeah. I love what I do. For that, I am more than grateful and cannot believe how this gig landed its way into my lap. Awesomeness on a platter.

Yup. So now that my hobby has become my job, I have no hobby. I needed a hobby. Oh boy, now what? WHAT NOW? I could take photos or scrap (like *someone* I know) but I'm not really good at either of those things and as much as I'd love it, I don't have that kind of "extra time" to devote to a true HOBBY.

So. My hobby is this. Listening to books on my iPod. At any given time I carry around fifteen books with me and it's fantastic. I flip through them as if I'm turning the pages of my favorite magazine. My eyes glaze over when the book becomes intense and the thrill is creeping up on me unexpected, I have to pay close attention. Is there no better feeling than getting lost in a good book? Okay, I'll answer that for you... no, there's not! And, it's not like I just picked up the habit of "reading" yesterday. LOL Nope, ladies and gents, to your amazement I have been reading novels since I was a child and yessss... I read them. Puleeze. I see your eyes rolling at me. What's with that anyway?! (growing up my favorite book series was Flowers in the Attic -- yeah I know it's a gross story but come on now, it was a GREAT series!) I think I've just evolved into the next level of reading. Listening. (no eye rolling!)

Currently, I am listening to Charlaine Harris' novels about Harper Connelly. I love them. I actually just finished them and in great need of a new book series that I can sink my teeth into (no, they don't have to be vampire books!--Harper isn't a vampire, mind you).

A few of my friends suggested that I read, My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult. I have to say that I found it thoroughly entertaining and completely plausible, although I was LESS THAN THRILLED with the ending. Which is probably why I stopped reading all the Jodi Picoult books (ie: 19 Minutes) because I was tired of being in the courtroom (most of her books develop in the courtroom). Not my thing. Plus, the endings! OMG. I am NOT a fan of bad endings. Sad endings. Slightly sad endings (ie: Odd Thomas) or anything close to being sad. No. Didn't you hear me before? I like CHICK-FLICKS? So translate that into CHICK-BOOKS and we're on the same page. :) Yessereee. I so love me a good story where everyone ends up together in the end. :) What's wrong with that? I'm also not a fan of crying while working. There has been more than one occasion where I had tears streaming down my face (and nose) and dripping onto my work table. Uh? Yeah. That's not fun. I like drowning in happiness and laughing. Escape! Remember? Keep up!

However, having said all of the above, I need to mention that My Sister's Keeper was simply fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, not knowing where it was going until the final scene and then and only then did I realize that it wasn't going to end ANYTHING like I had in my mind. That's a good book, if you ask me. So, when I found out that a movie was being made of the book, well I got a little excited and thought I'd share the video from youtube with you all. :) Now, don't go out and read the book. Just wait for the movie. The book is about 20 hours long and unless you have a lot of time to kill, just wait and see it in the theaters when you can have a nice cold diet coke and a bag of gummy bears. :) That'll do.

Remember, if you want to watch the clip, scroll to the very BOTTOM of my blog and turn off the playlist music player so you don't have two things going at once. :)

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Tess said...

I'm completely in your corner! My husband keeps asking me why I buy books that make me cry and I tell him because these are my kind of books. And chick books is the perfect way to label them. My mom, mother-in-law and I exchange them all the time! Same with movies and now my father-in-law gathers the ones he buys on sale to watch with the mom and gives them to me to take home when we visit them. It's so fun to get caught up in these types of stories, no matter the medium. I've always thought about books on tape (CD, ipod, whatever), maybe I'll take your lead and jump in! I love following you blog and seeing your new designs and my hubby loves the puppy pictures! Take care! Tess (Patience bracelet from this past Christmas with the initials (LOVE IT)).