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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New work in the works.

Aside from making over a hundred beads last night at the torch, I finished up eight more orders! Yeah! It's getting better, I feel good. :) lol I loved my time at the torch, I have to tell you, because I finished some gorgeous colors. Lately, I've been in the solid-color-mood and it just feels so nice to make some simple yet rich-in-color beads. Gorgeous stuff, I tell ya! I'll be putting them into work soon.

Later today I'll have a special. It's a gemstone necklace with lots of muted colors with hot pink thrown in, I have seven in stock and they're going to be $34.99. Yup. As soon as I put the photo up I'll attach a pay button, but it will only be on the blog. The photos are already edited, I just need to post them up here.

Be back soon!

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